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Common FAQ

Questions about our team, our experience, our services, and how we can tailor everything to your liking.

At MINA Digital, we pride ourselves in being a multi-industry, full service creative marketing agency. "Full-service", meaning as your digital journey with MINA continues, you may find yourself in need of different types of services to grow your businesses. Look no further, we do it all.

Started off with just a website and are now in need of SEO or Google Ads? Let's do it. Started off with some creative video content, and now need someone to run the ad campaigns? You got it. MINA Digital is your business' one stop hub for everything digital.

The MINA Digital team boasts a wide variety of digital professionals to be at your service and help you achieve limitless growth.

We've got some of the best graphic designers, web developers, ad specialists, financial experts, and consultants to ensure that whatever you business needs, we've got.

At MINA Digital, no business is TOO big or TOO small. Genuinely. Do you run a fortune 500 company? Let's get to work. Starting off a small mom and pop shop? Let's grow. We've worked with all sorts of businesses, hence the "multi-industry, full service". Reach out today.

We do not have a set policy on this! It completely depends on your business and your needs. If you prefer to work with us when you need us on a project-by-project basis, that's fine! We're not going anywhere. Prefer to have peace of mind by having everything ready and set in stone for you every month? We do that as well!

Book a free consultation with us and we'll discuss what's a better fit for you.

At MINA Digital, we'll never leave you confused or with any unanswered questions. Although we do have management and maintenance plans that many of our clients love, we of course will never hesitate to accommodate you regardless, so just reach out!

Where Strategy Meets Digital. Your Success Story Begins with MINA.

A team of professional designers, developers, marketers, and business experts, MINA Digital is your one-stop hub for limitless digital business growth.

Payment FAQ

Questions about getting a quote, the payment process, and how we can structure things to your liking.

Typically, we accept payment through Interac E-Transfer or cheques, but we can tailor everything to your liking. Prefer to pay cash or through an online payment platform like PayPal or Stripe? We can set that up for you.

Typically, we require a 50% deposit of the project's total cost to begin the work, and a second 50% upon completion. This is to ensure that our team members are fairly compensated and protected in case anything comes up on the clients end.

Unable to make the full payment at the time of the project? Get in touch with our team and we can arrange something for you!

100%. We believe in transparency, and will provide a detailed invoice for services rendered upon request.

Definitely! If you are using MINA Digital for multiple services, or are choosing to pay any monthly service cost on a quarterly or annual basis instead, we'll ensure you're given a discount.

Building digital empires, and treating your business like it's our very own, one business at a time. Go MINA Digital today.
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